Please note that by partaking of classes and services at Pilates & Arts Echo Park you do so at your own discretion. If you have concerns that our classes and services may not be appropriate for you, we advise that you consult your personal health care provider prior to starting a program with us.

Pilates group reformer classes - 10 hour notice
Pilates private/partner sessions - 12 hour notice
* We will consider waiving these fees due to EMERGENCIES AND ILLNESSES.

Memberships are contractual with monthly auto-pay.  If you are going Memberships can be suspended if you will be absent two weeks or Advanced notice required if you need to terminate your membership.


What’s the difference between Pilates on the mat and Pilates on and machines?
Spring loaded Pilates machines assist when you are exercising. In a Pilates Mat class you use your own core strength to do the exercises, which can be more challenging than working on the machines. We recommend doing mat work and Pilates on the machines if possible.

If I’ve never been on a Pilates machine is it required that I take privates sessions?
Private sessions are recommended but not required.  

What’s a jump board class?
A group reformer class with a portion of the hour devoted to cardio-jumping exercises. These are done on a platform while you’re lying back on the the reformer. Jump board classes are NOT recommended for beginners; during pregnancy, or if you have some chronic conditions of injuries.

What should I wear when I do Pilates?
Dress as you would for a yoga class or gym workout. 

Can I do Pilates when I’m pregnant?
Yes. Pilates is a safe, strengthening exercise program appropriate to practice during pregnancy.

Can I do Pilates as physical therapy?
Pilates is an excellent rehabilitation method and therapeutic for many chronic physical ailments and conditions.  We do not have licensed Physical Therapists at the studio, and we do not take insurance.

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?
Pilates exercises tone and sculpt the body, but you may not lose weight. You may actually gain a couple of pounds, because muscle is denser and therefore heavier in weight than fat. 

Is Pilates a cardio exercise?
The only truly cardio Pilates workout is a jump board class.

Does Pilates build bone density?
Yes, the exercises are weight baring and do build bone density.

Does Pilates help with back and joint pain?
Yes, Pilates helps with both of these by mobilizing the spine and all the joints.  Better alignment and core strength helps alleviate spine and joint issues.


How are the Pilates mat classes different from each other?
Classes vary according to the teacher’s approach to the mat work.  All fitness levels are welcome in all the mat classes. Pilates props may be used in class both to assist and to add challenges.   

What level are the ballet classes?
Beginners to professional dancers take our ballet classes. We offer beginning to intermediate/advanced ballet, as well as ballet pointe classes.  Class levels are noted on the schedule.