You may signup online for classes up to 30 minutes before class start time.

Please contact us if you miss online signup or cancellation and we will do the best we can to accommodate you and/or resolve your issues. or  323-913-9460


Pilates sessions series and dance group exercise packages DO NOT expire.  We do set an end date to series but think of this as a NUDGE to encourage you to be consistent with your Pilates and exercise programs.  Let us know if you encounter problems utilizing your series because it has supposedly EXPIRED and we will extend it.

Some introductory special offers DO expire and must be used within an allotted time frame.  Check the terms of the specific special.


Please note our policy has changed. We required 10 hours cancellation notice if you are not able to attend Group Pilates sessions.  You will be charged the full amount of the session payment if you late cancel or are a no-show. We require 12 hours cancellation notice if you are unable to attend Private or Partner sessions you have reserved.  Extenuating circumstances such as DIRE emergencies, debilitating illness and injury will be taken into consideration for possible waiving of the policy. Please be aware that online cancellation is only available from 7AM to 10PM, and cancel accordingly to avoid a late fee charge.

Our group reformer membership requires a first 3 month contract, with monthly auto-pay. At the end of the 1st 3 months you will be asked to opt in OR NOT for another 3 months.  If you DO opt in you will be able to TERMINATE that 2nd contract at any time. 

There’s an additional $10 charge for late cancel and no shows when you fail to give 10 hour cancellation notice for reserved Pilates Group Reformer classes.   Extenuating circumstances and emergencies will be considered and the fee waived in some circumstances. 

Temporary SUSPENSION of membership for periods of 2 weeks or longer is possible.  This action moves your auto-pay date to a new start date.  

We DO NOT require prior cancellation notice for dance or group exercise classes.  This  policy also applies to the Pilates mat classes.  You may signup in advance for these classes, but walk-ins are also welcome.  

The materials (including limitation and or advice and/or recommendations) in this website are provided solely as a general educational and informational purpose. Always consult your doctor or health provider before engaging in any kind of exercise program.  

We accept all major credit cards, with the exception of Discover.
Payments may be made with credit card, check or cash.  
In the case of a returned check you will be required to cover any bank charges incurred by Pilates & Arts Echo Park.

We LOVE all living creatures but ask that ask that you do not bring your pets to the studio.  Staff members may have no option as far as pet care, and you may encounter their pets at the studio, but we cannot welcome an unlimited number of pets in our space. We thank you for understanding our need to keep dog, cat, bird, and iguana numbers to a minimum.